Site Update

The Site Sill Being finish
I'm doing in my sper time so please bear with me
All thing listed on Site Thing Working on Or up Coming

Will Keep Updated On what Happing Here

Just waiting on parts to finish project and tools


hi guy just got my 3d printer now working

and just updateing the site with 3d page soon

first project Eggbot see soon

hope all understand thanks step by step projects


I sorry no more guild or up been very bisey in real life try do some soon

Guides Now Up

555 Flyback Driver
Plasma Speaker (Singing Ark)
Musical Floppy Drive updated 18.7.19
Gps Clock (with time and date and temperature)
Power  Supplies
LED Color Organ
Fire-starters BBQ's

Working On Now

FM Transmitter
Midi Interrupter
DIY Contact Mic
Sound Card Oscilloscope
Pocket-Sized Power Supply
555 Chip Tester
Marx Generator

Finishing Soon

Coil Winding Machine

working it now

Done Finish Guide



Midi Interrupter buy it from geek group

Led Cube (white or blue Leds may do all colours if got time) 4X4X4

Conventional Tesla Coil Solid State Tesla Coil Got finish coil winder first Mini Solid State Tesla Coil Buying kit for this will do guide on this kit

Faraday Cage Will do when big coil done

Faraday Suit Will do when big coil done

Joule Thief Light Box (don't yet if doing but if get time will do)

Farnsworth Fusor interested in doing depends if can the get parts to make

Mp3 Jukebox (Thinking of doing don't know yet if doing yet as big and not much room in flat)

DDR (Thinking of doing don't know yet if doing yet as big and not much room in flat)

Marx Generator

Washer Launcher

Laser Harp

Led Screen (mix stuff )

Oscilloscope Projects

Magnetic levitation Arduino

updated 1th of September