Plasma Speaker
(Musical Sing Ark)

Parts Needed

2 x 10k pots or higher
555 chip
50R resistor 100ohm 1/4 watt resistor
100Nf Capacitor
10Nf Capacitor
12v dc fan high flow better
heart Sink
Prototype Board
Project Box Enclousure Case
3.5 jack to phono
2x 12v dc power 2000ma (2 amp) may what get spear
bread board (great to set up and test before Soldering to your Prototype Boards)

Optional Parts

bread board Jumping wires
Phono socket (nice if what use the 3.5 jack to phono cable for some els or what have nicer look)
zip ties

Tools Needed
Solder Iron

Optional Tools
Hot Glue Gun

Step 1. Get your Prototype Boards (may look different to mine it don't matter at all) and add your 555 chip to middle of your bread board making sure to put it between the hole line on the board so the chip has it own pin row each side of the chip

Step 2. Now take a wire from pin 1 to ground that the black rail (line) on your bread board

Step 3. Now take a wire from pin 8 to red rail (line) on your bread board

Step 4. Now take a wire from pin 5 and take it to a unused row

Step 5. now take a wire from pin 3 to a unused row

Step 5. now take wire from pin 4 to the 12v that the red rail (line) on your bread board

Step 6, now take a wire and jump pin 2 to pin 6

Step 7. now take your flyback and add 8 winding of wire to

Step 8. now take your IRFP260N transistor and add it to your heart sink and solder 3 wires to it it

Step 9. now take 12v dc fan put on your need put up to fan zip ties ( now to cut plug your 12v dc power 2000ma (2 amp) or use a DC POWER SOCKET FEMALE if whant keep plug
Step 10.  Now Solder 2 wires to both your 10k pot (on pots there's normally 3 pin you just solder the fist 2 pin )

Step 11. now take one your 10k pots and put one wire to pin 7 and there over wire to pin 6 of the 555 chip

Step 11. now take the over 10k pot and put one the wires to pin 7 and the over wire the 12v red rail (line) on your bread board

Step 12. now take your 10nf Capacitor from pin 2 to ground that the black rail (line) on your bread board

Step take a 100ohm 1/4 watt resistor and jump it to a new row from the wire you ran from pin 3

Step 14. now take IRFP260N transistor take the base to the row the resistor been jumped to

Step take the source wire of the IRFP260N transistor to ground black rail (line) on your bread board

Step 16. now take the last wire that the drain pin to the bottom of the winding on the flyback

Step run top wire of the flyback to the 12v that the red rail (line) on your bread board

Step 18. Now This in can done two ways read for bit you going do (A) cutting cable (B) using a phone socket

 (A) take your 3.5 jack to phono cable cut the phono plugs off and strip back the wire you see 2 wire per plug the inside one + Left wight and red right and the silverish one ground
(B) take your phone socket just solder 2 wire it outer ring ground and inter one +

Step 19. now find you ran out the way from pin 5 and jump to new row with the 100Nf Capacitor

Step 20. now add the + red wire for the audio and the row that out Capacitor in

Step 21. now take the ground of your audio wire to the black ground rail (line) on your bread board

Step 22. now add your 12v to the red + and your black - to the black rail (line) red rail (line) on your bread board (remember some bread board have spit in the line if your has ran wire to below where line split just jump the gap with a wire)

Step 23. now turn power on and turn on the fan on heart sink (careful the fly back runing at 50kv)

Step 24. carefully take hv wire of the flyback and touch the pins on back of the fly back till get nice ark between them some time can see the hv ground spark with out having to put hv wire any where never it (If unsure or don't feel safe about doing this way there's a over to find the pin on flyback read the FlyBack Guide)

25, now you got your hv ground turn off and take the hv wire again and just touch the pins to discharge the flyback power that left in it and solder a wire to this hv ground (you may like to cut off rest of the pins and hot glue stop arcing around in side

Step 26.ok if you dint get lost following this guide now should have a ark so can hit play your music and have fun showing off your ark to your friends but remember arks are very hot and the ark make plasma ozone so be safe and keep window open if possible never ever touch it ( note most thing like cd and phone as amp to make the sound louder)

now you can transfer your parts and solder them all to your Prototype Board and put in nice Project Box Enclousure Case


Trouble shoot

Q, No Ark
A, Check the wires from the 12v in to the transistor and ones leading to 555 chip if sill no look test the 555 chip see if damage
(555 Chip Tester Project Nice to have Test it) or just try new chip also the wire on the pots my come off or out the board

Q, Ark but no music/sound
A, first make sure that the out put if your player it loud as some thing like phones, mp3 players don't have very good output of sound if this case can try pre amp if have good out put of sound then check the + and - wire of your audio cable my have come louse

Q, Very low sound
A, First thing try tweeting the 2 pots and you can make sound better if not then try turning up the input sound or pre amping also making the ark bigger will work

Q, Got Working but there a lot to static in ark
A, ok there should very little static if any if you have a lot then could coming from the ripple of the 12v power try using a different power pack or add a smoveing capsistor to lower the ripple it also could be the gap between hv and hv ground of the ark being to big try bring closer last thing you can try is tweaking the pots

Q, What wire should I use
depends I used 1/0.6mm single core wire and works fine but experiment on the wire on fly back you might some thin work better (If so email me and let me know)