Musical Floppy Drive


Netbean has update the software to 8.2
so follow the guild to step 16 then install the
netbeans-8.2-windows Download

sill need the old 7.1.2 netbean installed


Arduino UNO (Try work mega working)
Floppy Drive x 6
pc power pack or 5v dc power pack
Male to Female Jumper Wire Ribbon Cable or floppy cable

Acrylic Sheet
led scrip

Optional Parts

Floppy Drive FDD Internal Power Splitter Cable
Standard Jumper Caps


Power drill
drill bit 1 or 1.5 bit
Stanley Snap-Off Blade Knife Cutter


1) Arduino SoftwareDownload
2) JDK 7u4 with NetBeans 7.1.2 - 32 bit  Download 64 bit Download Windows
3) Arduino Moppy Download
4) Timer 1 - Download
5) MoppyDesk Download
6) RXTXcomm Serial Driver - Download
netbeans-8.2 - Download

Optional Software

Midi Song Pack

Step 1. first get your power supply and look at the 24 pin cable plug now put wire from GREEN wire to BLACK wire as shown on the image.
Connect these two wires will my the power park activated.
Picture of Prepare your power supply.

Step 2. now look back floppy drive there should 34 for pin the the floppy cable shown on the image.
There 2 rows on pins
2 to 34 Pin (Red) Active Pin 1 to 33 Ground (Black)

Step 3A. Take a Floppy Drive cable cut end of it the size with twist in the cable (1.)

Step 3B. Cable with end off

Step 3C. now street the cable

Step 3D. now cut down the cable so you have 34 cables (be very careful as the blade very sharp)

when finish cutting look look this

 Step 4. now count the wire you cut and get
11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 20  starting for left side  (yellow dote end top at the red line)

over wires you cut then off or been over and on type on them

Step 5. now connect 11 and 12 giver
now connect 17 and 19 giver

 pin 18, 20 for Arduino

A, floppy B mode to activate it The light of the floppy drive should turn on made it in mode B
B, floppy Direction
C, floppy Step
D, Floppy Grounds

Step 6, now do step 3 to step 5, 5 more time

Step 7, now take your cable and power cable and plug then into floppy drive

some floppy drive cable have one pin cover so you have had to drill it out with 1 or 1.5 drill ( very care when doing this as only want the cover )

Step 8. now take your Arduino and put the wire form the floppy into it

A, put the Foppey Ground to - Ground of the Arduino
B, put the 17 pin cable to pin 3
C, put the 20 pin cable to pin 2
D, Don't do anythen it this

( I only done one drive here but same thing for all driver)

 20 pin cable to pin 4
17 pin cable to pin 5

 20 pin cable to pin 6
17 pin cable to pin 7

and so on Arduino 13 pin max

Arduino Pin














Floppy Drive















Step 9 Establish a connection to your Arduino.

Download, Arduino SoftwareDownload and Timer 1 - Download and Arduino Moppy Download

First thing install Arduino Software (Guide Here) after finish

download Timer 1 and it in (Documents\Arduino\libraries)

Download Arduino Moppy and put in Go to (Documents\Arduino)

step 10, now open Arduino software and open your Arduino Moppy

Step 11, next upload this to Arduino by using → icon or ctrl + u

Step 12, NetBeans 8.2 - 32 bit/ 64 bit  Download Windows and installed it

Step 13, next download  RXTXcomm Serial Driver - Download

Step 14, now go to C:\Program Files\Java or (can be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Java)
I have two file always get highs one ( jdk1.8.0_05)

open the file jre

open the file lib

cope the RXTXcomm to this folder

now back one so in jdk1.8.0_05\jre

and then open bin
now cope the rxtxParallel.dll and rxtxSerial.dll

Step 15, now open NetBeans
open file go down to import project then form zip

now click cancel

now close the project

Step 16, Download MoppyDesk Download
now go to documents and find NetBeansProjects and open the file

now cope MoppyDesk to this folder

(Please update Net beans now Download then flow the rest the guild

Step 17, now open NetBeans and file then open project ( ctrl + shift + o )

now click moppydesk then open project

Step 18, now click the play icon

now should have box come up
Picture of Open NetBeans.

Step 18, playing

Fist look top said Arduino port this it the com port you upload code earlier (Step 11) to Arduino

then click connect

click load sequence

now get your song some mid in moppydesk or Midi Song Pack

click song then open

then click start

Congratulations!!! You have now a musical floppy...