Help with the code


hi thanks for help me with the codeing

some of mine my project have code project bugs and some suck on the code

any help will be very nice of  you

Fist download the Arduino ino file of the project below and then when you have finish the part of the code send it back to me on with a note said what you have done in the code

And i will put back one the site or finish the code if i can

Gps clock (ino Download)

done to put in menu
coordinates menu 4
Speed knots Angle Altitude menu 5


look for bug fix
 time get dot when set form 59 to 0 not to 59 to 0...

when 100'f  plus the gone ' gos and weeded go down 

over thing

              Button up and down select for menu no working
              (select to stop Alarm and clear it)
satelites fix with befor lcd
Alarms no working yet
12h clock am pm not working

What should look like when all finish ( 4 menu and Alarms sounds )

Here what should look like when finish

This clock in 12 hour
with AM PM



( Menu Down )



This clock in 24 hour




( Menu Down )


This Alarms list
this show Alarms i have set
and should up date when new alarms as them coming




This should when on when alarm sound then have prese (select button to stop beeping and clear)



( Menu Down )



 last your coordinates



( Menu Down )




Speed knots Angle Altitude

( Menu Down )

go back to clock in 12 hour



bluray laser cnc machine (ino Download)

look for
 sd card retry and skip by Button (on A0 and A1)
usb text on comport

pic look on lcd screen

Initializing SD card if ther no card or damage card come with sd card failed on this lcd screen

now you can retry Initializing SD card or skip then go down to reset the montor

when you skip sd card should say
laser Ready (usb only if find ther comport if not see last pic)
if you pass the sd card Initializing test shoud say usb if got comport and menu for pic for card
now power plug and pass the Initializing SD card shoud say menu
this when can skip sd card and have no usb

so have restart the Arduino