Fire-starters BBQ's


empty can of pop x2
corrugated cardboard packaging
Tea Light candle



Step 1. now get your ruler and find the 2" on the can then make a line allway around the can

Step 2, now get your Scissors and cut around the can at the 2" line you made

Step 3.  now get your over can and ruler and find the 1" on the can then make a line all way around the can

Step 4. now get your Scissors and cut around the can at the 1" line you made

Step 5, now take both can and wash and dye them

Step 7. now cut the cardboard in to 1" scrip and try make long as you can

Step 8. now roll the cardboard to circle to make the side of the can

Step 9. now put the cardboard circle into the 1" can

Step 10.  now cut a 1"x4" cardboard then fold it in half and cut down the middle
then you should have some like a flower petals

Step 11. now put it in the centre of the 1" can with the cardboard in it

Step 12. now put your candle in the 2" can

Step 13. now take to your cooker and heat the can on 2/3 (can use a oven to low)

Step 14. when the wax is melted take some tweezers and take out the candle wicks form the wax (careful the can and wax will be very hot)

Step 15. now take your hot wax and pour it into the 1" can with the cardboard roll you make

Step 16. now put it to one side for it to cold

Step 17. when cold you can take out of the can or leave in the can
leave in the can less long and no wax mess to keep up


Q, what is corrugated cardboard packaging
A, Corrugated board is made from a combination of two sheets of paper called liners glued to a corrugated inner medium called the fluting.
These three layers of paper are assembled in a way which gives the overall structure a better strength than that of each distinct layer.

Q, what can do with one 2inc can after
A, can 2inc can make make more

Q, how long it less
A, i have try one yet but should less about 2-3 hours