How did you lean to make your projects ?
I mix of ways Guilds videos and Trial and error

where's a good place to start to lean ?
well the geek group and there videos nice place start and watch there blogs or book and youtube nice get video to help all and there allso instructables
and of Course Here I be do guilds and over there stuff to help you as much I can and glad to help if I can

Did you go to collage to lean ?
Yes I what to collage for 3 years to lean Computer Repair and leaned a bit of website making in front page doing htm html and a little php after I left I start take interest in electrics

what hobby's do you have ?
I like messing around with electrics and pc and repair and arcades repair and Djing also just started playing key board

Do Your Friends and Family think Your Mad doing some your projects
well that a big yes but that said friends end up helping me with them

What Do I need to start off in electronics ?
Ok Start off need some basic tools and parts I left below
Soldering Iron
Power Drill or Drill press
a Cutter I got a DREMEL 4000 my self and don't regret it so far
electrics screwdrivers
Wire cutters (snips)
Cheep Digital Multimeter a really most
if can get a cheep or got some spar money get a digital Oscilloscope and Waveform Generator not a must but as time progress they come very very handy to have

well this kidder hard say depends what doing but here some thing I fand i need a lot of all time
no Clean Flux
Flux Pen
METAL FILM RESISTOR (I nomy get in pack 200 my more need but a lot cheaper and you find you going need them a lot)
Electrolytic Capacitors (same deal as the resistors get big packs pay off in long run)

Where do you get your parts from ?
I get all my parts from ebay as lot easier to get things I need and get in pack 200 for cheep

Anything Ells like to ask just pop me a email