Donation Information

StepByStepProjects gladly accepts donations of science, technology, and arts related equipment and supplies.

We love receiving equipment It can be new, used, working or requiring light repairs. One of the most common questions we receive is “What kind of things can I donate? Any thin help us with projects

If you’d like to help but don’t have tools or supplies to send us, Click Here see a list thing we really need Bad

Computers and Accessories

StepByStepProjects accepts a wide range of computers, computer parts, and accessories, often regardless of their age or capacity. Racks, stands,

PLEASE NOTE: WE CANNOT RETRIEVE ANY DATA FROM DONATED COMPUTERS. All donated computer hard drives are immediately erased and rewritten several times to ensure the data is completely irretrievable

Office Furnishings

Shelving, tables, office furniture, office equipment, and supplies are all gratefully accepted. This can be anything from a new desk to a new ream of paper.

Items we DO NOT ACCEPT for Donation

While we’ve love to accept every item for donation, there are a few things we simply cannot take.

StepByStepProjects will also accept other types of equipment and supplies;
Please email us with what you have to