is a free site for any one who like me who love to make thing but dont have skills enough skill do on own but whana make sweet thing

here at step by projects your safety is top priory if don't how be safe with high voltage then stay with ar low power projects

A little about me my name David and live Nottinghamshire and im 27 Years old and own of StepbyStepProjects
I love animals and have 9 cats of my own which i love to bits
I have studded 3 Years at West Nottinghamshire College in Computer Repair and love to making crazy thing when can
and Just started in electrics and whana shire what make and how to make them as i go with you guys
 I also have a interested in music and in my spear time im a DJ and like playing the Keyboard as a hobby

i currley work on make a musical ark and coil winder for a tesla coil but having hard time get a high voltage transformer need around
8kw up The Bigger better as going to make my 10ft tesla coil
and start with
Arduino fun but hard but i get ther

Geo - Salam - Midnight

Misty - Sabrina

Poppy - Salam - Misty - Geo - Midnight - Sabrina

Geo - Poppy

All throw The site free we gladly accepts donations equipment and supplies and old pcb boards. or money
All Donations Will go to making the Site Bigger and better

Rosey - me Xena - midnight shadow